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  • MarkLloyd

Mark Lloyd Elected to Chairman Position

Mark Lloyd was elected to serve as Chairman of the […]

  • VFQH_Logotype1-300x108

Gottlieb: Doc Fix Bill Misses Opportunity and Entrenches Obamacare Model

  Scott Gottlieb, M.D., has published an article in Forbes  about the Medicare “Doc Fix”bill being negotiated in Congress now. According to Gottlieb, “If this “doc fix” passes in its current form, it will represent a profound and enduring triumph of Obamacare’s creeping regulation of the American practice of medicine.”  Moreover, it represents a lost […]
  • cuccinelli_100910

Webinar: General Assembly Recap with Ken Cuccinelli

The Tea Party Patriots Federation CoLA Team and Ken Cuccinelli present FREEDOM BILLS 2015 General Assembly Recap Where do we go from here? Online Webinar – March 31st, 8PM We are very pleased to have former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli joining the CoLA Team for this discussion and Q&A. ...
  • VFQH_Logotype1-300x108

Obamacare’s Fifth Anniversary – REPEAL THE ACA!

On today’s fifth anniversary of Obamacare, VQH continues to fight for the repeal of this pernicious law that takes away Americans’ freedom to be in charge of their own healthcare. Fortunately, the House is renewing their call for full and complete repeal of ObamaCare in order to “start over with healthcare reforms that protect the […]